GameStop PowerUp Rewards Points Expire Notice an Error

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Points Expire Notice an Error

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 20th Jan 2012

Sine Mora

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Hey Man, Leave My Points Alone!

That near-disaster that turned out to be an error -- someone clearly hit the wrong button -- inspired the writing pool in the GU Bullpen to instantly go into "Investigative Journalist" mode as we strove to answer the important question that it provoked: under just what circumstances could our points legitimately expire? Because after all, you really do have to save up for the good stuff, and our shortlist of Rewards We Want (or RWW) reads:

(1) Marshmallow Blaster (24,500 Reward Points)
(2) Buck Glow-in-the-Dark Boxer Shorts (9,950 Reward Points)
(3) Duke Nukem Collectible Action Figure (6,900 Reward Points)
(4) Jack Sparrow Lego Figure (4,380 Reward Points)
(5) Portal 2 Earring Set (7,750 Reward Points)

This beauty can be yours for a paltry 24,500 Reward Points plus the cost of bag after bag of marshmallow ammunition!

With that short list of all-too-critical games-focused kitsch on the line, the answer to the question "Can Our PowerUp Rewards Points that we have banked in order to score these items of awesomeness actually ever expire?!" is one that demands enlightenment and assurances.

And after grueling research that required MP-5's, night-vision goggles, and stealing a Mini-Cooper as well as the eating of vast quantities of very good sushi the anwer turns out to be: "Yes -- yes they can."

But only if there is no account activity posted to your PUR account for one year (12 consecutive months) -- because when that happens the account is subject to closure and termination.

That is rather an unlikely event though unless you got caught editing your Xbox LIVE GamerScore and ended up in Club Fed with a certain gamer whose GamerTag we will refrain from mentioning here -- but hey, the real penalty in that case is not the 18 month prison sentence, it is the forfeiture of all of your accrued reward points!

Fortunately "Activity" in this case is defined as making a purchase or a trade at GameStop or at or making a purchase of Kongregate Kreds on so as we say, it is rather an unlikely event...