King Arthur II Pre-Order Prlogue Details

King Arthur II Pre-Order Prlogue Details

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 12th Jan 2012

King Arthur II

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Who doesn't want a little more magic in their lives?

Paradox Interactive and Neocore Games today issued the third entry in their in-depth series of feature articles for upcoming RTS/RPG King Arthur II -- The Role-playing Wargame. The latest entry to the series vividly details the use of magic and strategic locations while in battle.

Getting down and dirty in details, future heroes of Britannia will finally get a thorough explanation of what they can expect on the battlefield, including the use of the newly introduced Magic Shield, helping players fend off their opponents' magic attacks, and the use of strategic locations that, once captured, can bolster a player's defenses. The use of magic while in battle is also described intimately, detailing the types of magic available and how and when it can be cast.

Read the new King Arthur II -- The Role-playing game in-depth article here:

An excerpt from the third article:
"Some of the more powerful spells require time to be fully activated and they can't be cast while the hero is involved in melee combat. When an enemy hero begins casting such a spell, you will receive a notification. And here comes the best part: spells and skills that have a casting time can be breached! If the caster is interrupted while activating the spell or skill, he won't be able to finish it. He stops weaving the spell, and while it won't have any effect the spell's Mana cost will still be lost."

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