Heroes of Newerth (HoN) Reveals Plans for the Commonwealth of Independent States

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) Reveals Plans for the Commonwealth of Independent States

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 5th Jan 2012

Heroes of Newerth

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Independent game developer S2 Games announce their plans today to expand their regional exposure in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In an exclusive partnership with regional online gaming platform Garena, the Heroes of Newerth (HoN) brand is seeking to improve the overall gaming experience of its fans in the CIS region.

CIS is a regional organization whose 10 participating countries include Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Moldova. The proposed plan will provide the CIS with localized servers and service enhancements that include regional marketing and support teams to provide the region an unmatched amount of attention and care.

"We want to ensure the longevity and growth of HoN in CIS and across the globe," said Marc DeForest, CEO and Founder of S2 Games. "Garena has been expanding HoN in South East Asia for well over a year with excellent results and we know they can provide the same premium gaming experience in the CIS region."

The benefits of the venture extend far beyond offering a localized game client to gamers who have been playing HoN for well over a year. Garena will administer localization efforts for HoN similar to those enjoyed by gamers in the west since the game launched in 2010. From region specific, localized marketing to administering local tournaments and fostering growth in HoN e-Sports, Garena plans on taking HoN's presence in the region to new heights.

The transition began yesterday, January 4, 2012, when the fully featured transfer program was set live. The transfer program is aimed at directing HoN players in the CIS region to the CIS client, where current account holders can continue playing HoN with all the credentials of their original account. The transfer process begins by linking a current HoN account to a Garena account, which will migrate all of the account data including store purchases on January 16th. The transfer program can be found at http://transfer.hon.garena.ru.

Once a player makes the transfer to Garena and HoN CIS, they can expect all the same services they enjoyed from their International account including all the latest game patches and store purchases. New users from the region looking to create a HoN account are encouraged to do so using Garena and current users are encouraged to make the transfer as soon as possible to prevent interruptions in service.

HoN sub-account holders in CIS have an additional opportunity to take advantage of their sub-accounts in the localized region. Each sub-account can be transferred to a newly created Garena account or they may opt to be reimbursed 1500 gold coins for their sub-account. For more information visit http://forum.hon.garena.ru/showthread.php?t=18919. Reimbursement requests to S2 Games support must be made by January 16th. Requests made after January 16th must be directed to Garena support where the same information must be submitted for reimbursement.