Xbox Countdown to 2012 Sale Expands to Retail

Xbox Countdown to 2012 Sale Expands to Retail

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 27th Dec 2011

Sine Mora

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The premise for this year's Countdown Sale is a simple one -- gamers get to count down to New Year's Eve with some great deals in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and, as something of a surprise, it seems that retailers are getting in on this sale action, with electronic and game giant Best Buy getting in on the action with an Xbox Sale!

Retailer Best Buy gets Serious about Xbox Gaming

The Xbox Package: A Gift card and Xbox an Xbox 360 Slim Bundle
Gamers in the market for a new Xbox or who feel the need to upgrade their existing old-style Xbox for the new Kinect-ready 250GB Slim unit will be patting themselves on the back for waiting until today -- because Best Buy has decided to put the Slim Model on sale and offer gamers a $75 Gift Card as their way of saying Thanks Bro!

-- The Basic Bundle: Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB Slim Console (SKU: 1069212) $299 + Shipping

-- Microsoft Xbox 360 320GB Limited Edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (SKU: 2884182) $399 + Shipping

-- Bundle: New Year, New You + Dance Workout: Bollywood-Xbox 360 [Digital Download Add-On] $7

Looking for more action and adventure in your next gaming experience than the basic bundle can provide? Well then no worries mates! You can also choose the Call of Duty Xbox 360 bundles (see above) or the Gears of War 3 bundle and still get the tasty $75 Best Buy gift card with the bundle. And how cool is that?!

To take advantage of Best Buy's contribution to the 2011 Countdown to New Year's Eve Event all that you need to do is to follow these steps:

(1) Select one of the Xbox 360 Slim bundles;
(2) Click the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the page on the Best Buy website;
(3) Wait for your bundle to arrive OR tell them you want to pick it up in the store for a more instant but of gratification!

It does not get much simpler than that...

The gift card will be automatically added to your cart but before you start thinking about using it to grab a game or two be aware that there is a catch to this -- and there always is right? The catch in this case is the fact that the Gift Card will ship separately, so you will have to wait to spend that free money...