Radballs for iOS goes Free for a Limited Time

Radballs for iOS goes Free for a Limited Time

  • By: Heather Savage
  • Posted 21st Dec 2011


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Radballs goes FREE for the holidays!

Glow Play and Alinear Studios today announced that their hip and highly energized game, Radballs, is now available on the App Store for free through the holiday season.

Featured by Apple as one of the ten Benchmark Games chosen for Innovative Gameplay in 2011, Radballs takes a funky twist to the classic arcade puzzle game with it's fun and outrageously original music. An arcade puzzler that moves to the music set to a pulsing party mix, players will flick, switch, and manipulate Radballs into groups that are destroyed in time with the beat.

As gamers clear waves of Radballs by destroying them they accumulate "Radness" energy, and control the flow -- scratch and drag the beat to enhance play and rack up extra Radness! The Radballs original soundtrack was produced by Neil Voss (of Nintendo's Tetrisphere and New Tetris fame) and features original electro jams, remixes of OK Go's hits White Knuckles and End Love, as well as guest tracks from emerging artists Com Truise (Ghostly International), MisfitChris and Daze. Since players also have the option of using songs from their own musical library, the music never has to stop!

Radballs is free for a limited time so go download it now -- the direct link to obtain the game on the Apps Store is: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/radballs/id436204338?mt=8

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