Star Trek Online and Logitech Pair for Special Promotion as the MMO Prepares t..

Star Trek Online and Logitech Pair for Special Promotion as the MMO Prepares to Switch to F2P Model

  • By: Geofry S. Glenn
  • Posted 21st Dec 2011

Star Trek Online

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Normally we do not cover this sort of event as news because sales come and sales go, but the world of PC MMO Gaming is one in which having the right kit is an important consideration, and a 35% discount on gaming mice and keyboards is one of those rare exceptions that we thought you would like to know about...

The folks at Perfect World (the company that bought STO from Atari) have teamed up with Logitech to offer the player base some awesome items at a hefty discount -- from today to December 31st STO gamers can enjoy a 35% discount off of select Logitech keyboards and mice, including the following models:

-- G13: Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard -- a hybrid combination of mouse, controller, and mini-keyboard, the G13 features 25 fully programmable back-lit keys and a programmable mini joystick with an ergonomic contoured design and a high-visibility LCD Game Panel that provides gamers with easy access to tactical information, including live stats, system info, and communications via text from your guildmates.

-- G110: Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110 -- a keyboard that was custom engineered for gamers with an emphasis upon MMO play, the G110 features 12 fully programmable "G-keys" for macro assingment as well as integrated USB Audio and a USB 2.0 built-in hub. The back-lit keys are color-programmable allowing gamers to customize the key appearance in order to emphasize critical control options.

-- G300: Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 -- this fully programmable wired gaming mouse features nine programmable controls that allow gamers to move keyboard commands to buttons that are in easy reach from mapping simple keyboard commands to complex macros. The unit includes on-board memory to store profiles for each game, a user-defined color lighting system to provide a visual indication for the active profile, and a robust configuration application that simplifies extending the functionality of the mouse to practically any type of game, from MMO's to Shooters to platforming, it has you covered.

-- G700: Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 -- a gaming mouse that was designed and engineered as the ideal mouse for MMORPG play, when your guild gets together youÂ’ll have all the control you need to do battle, complete quests and level up your character using its 13 programmable controls with macro capabilities. Perform either single actions or intricate macros with multiple keystrokes, mouse events, user-defined delays and repeating.

Star Trek Online Special Promo Code

To obtain the instant discount all that gamers need to do is head over to the Logitech website and select the products that they want, then enter the discount code: st4eaw98j7 at check out to score up to a 35% discount on the published RRP.

The code above can be used for up to two separate purchases on the Logitech website, but only until December 31st, so you will need to act soon to nail down the savings.

Star Trek Online to go Free-2-Play

Perfect World's acquisition of Star Trek Online in 2011 was quickly followed by an announcement that the game company planned to transition the popular MMORPG over to a Free-2-Play format in January of 2012.

Last month as part of the announcement confirming the transition date from paid subscription base to the Free-2-Play model, Star Trek Online executive producer Stephen D'Angelo announced that current subscribers to the popular MMORPG set in the Golden Age of Star Trek will be rewarded with 400 free Cryptic Points (the online currency that is used to purchase game items from its web-store) each month starting December 1st, 2011 as a thank you gesture to loyal customers.

"The stipend is granted on the 'anniversary day' for your account," D'Angelo explained. "This is the day in the month which corresponds to the day after your subscription would renew if it was monthly. 3-month, 6-month, 12-month, and lifetime accounts use the day of the month in which they were started for this purpose.

"This means that you won't necessarily get your stipend right at the beginning of the month, but it will be coming for you at the appropriate time during December and each following month. Stipend points from STO can only be spent in STO," he explained.

The Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game Star Trek Online is set in the deep and well-loved world of Star Trek that was envisioned and created by Gene Roddenberry (1921 - 1991) and includes a mixture of first and third-person play styles for play on board ships and on planets during "away missions" as well as a third-person view for ship navigation in local and deep space, providing gamers with perhaps the best representation of being the commanding officer of a starship.

The game features a literal fleet of all of the archetype vessels from the TV shows and movies as well as the books and other media, allowing gamers to captain everything from a Romulan Bird of Prey to the original Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701) as well as other historic vessels from the cannon.

For more information about Star Trek Online head over to the official game STO Home Page , or keep an eye here at Gaming Update, as we will be covering the transition as well as other related news as part of our expanding MMO coverage.

Are you excited about the upcoming transition to the Free-2-Play Model? How do you think this will change the way that you play the game? Please comment below and share your opinion with the GU Community!