Angry Birds Explode across Retail on PC

Angry Birds Explode across Retail on PC

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 25th Nov 2011

Angry Birds

We suspected that this day would come -- it seemed like only a matter of time before one of the major mobile titles made the transition from App Store darling to retail boxed dynamo -- and it looks like the game to break out is none other than the infamous Angry Birds!

That's right -- perhaps the world's hottest mobile game app has made the transition to retail box with Angry Birds now available on PC at retail. Having established itself as the must-have game of the past two years, and has transformed into a worldwide social and cultural phenomenon as well as a media empire, the choice of AB to be the break-out title is not really that big a surprise...

The original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio are the first two titles from Rovio Entertainment to arrive on PC at retail. Both games are now available to purchase in stores all across the UK, Ireland, and online, and how about that?

Featuring the full extent of challenging, physics-based demolition game play, the retail PC releases of Angry Birds deliver the perfect opportunity for everybody to enjoy the complete Angry Birds experience. The seamless version-checker and auto-updater provide a simple 2-click process making it easy for anyone to download all the latest levels and keep their favourite Angry Birds games up to date.

Are you going to make the leap and pick up a retail copy of the game for your PC? Please hare your opinion of it with the GU Community if you do by commenting below!