Blackhawk Ultra Gaming Case Sets New Standards

Blackhawk Ultra Gaming Case Sets New Standards

  • By: Geofry S. Glenn
  • Posted 3rd Nov 2011

Sine Mora

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The original Blackhawk PC case is an legend presence for PC builders and gamers alike, but recent advances in gaming tech and the need to build-in redundancy and extra power have created circumstances in which very few mainstream cases can provide the foundation -- and the expansion options -- that lives up to the new reality for PC gaming.

After taking a long and hard look at the market, PC case maker Rosewill set out to re-engineer the Gaming Case and the result is their Blackhawk-Ultra -- a gaming case that covers every aspect of modern gaming hardware, from HPTX support, adequate stock cooling, and even mounting a second PSU to isolate the power for multiple high-end graphics cards!

--- Features ---

Support for big gaming & performance motherboards
-- ATX : 12 x 9.6 inches
-- SSI CEB : 12 x 10.3 inches
-- XL-ATX : 13.5 x 10.3 inches
-- E-ATX : 12 x 13 inches
-- HPTX : 13.6 x 15 inches

Expanded Video Card Support
-- w/ second layer front fan : 433mm(17 inch)
-- w/o second layer front fan : 404mm(15.9 inch)

Second PSU Support for power hungry systems
-- 10 expansion slots

Advanced Cooling System
-- Front(first layer) 2x 140mm Red LED Fan (pre-installed)
-- Front(second layer) 2x 140mm Fan (pre-installed)
-- Rear 1x 140mm Fan (pre-installed)
-- Top 2x 230mm Red LED Fan (pre-installed) or 3x 120/140mm Fan (option)
-- Side 1x 230mm Fan (pre-installed) or 9x 120mm Fan (option)
-- Bottom 1x 120/140mm Fan (option)

Additional Features Include:
-- Full black interior
-- Advanced cable management design
-- Top mounted HDD docking
-- Screw-less design for 5.25” Devices & 3.5” HDDs
-- HDD trays support 3.5” or 2.5” HDD/SSD
-- Easy-clean PSU filter
-- Top mounted IO ports– 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, Audio out, MIC in
-- Advanced Bottom-Mounted PSU Design

The screwless-hardware approach means easy access to the internal spaces of this gaming case, which supports up to 10 internally mounted in well-cooled racks for easy RAID support.

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