Sword Girls Preview: PvP Modes

Sword Girls Preview: PvP Modes

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 29th Sep 2011

Sword Girls

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When you are making a game called Sword Girls you have to expect that a certain segment of the gaming population is going to assume that the game is at least partly focused upon the concept of cute anime girls wielding swords... And as luck would have it, this one is!

An exciting anime-style online card game where girls who are empowered by magical swords battle for dominance, Sword Girls provides gamers with a traditional mixture of dungeons to crawl and battle through, facing off against a variety of enemies including the odd boss or three, but sometimes you want a fight that's a little more personal and a little more edgy, right? How about a fight where you have an intelligent opponent who understands what you're doing and plans accordingly?

The only way to get that sort of a challenge is when the fight is between you and another human player, obviously, but hey bonus! It is!

Socially Awkward?
Fortunately for gamers Sword Girls includes PvP play in which you can trade words as well as blows, and literally match wits with another human being in your play. Facing off in PvP against another player is an intimidating prospect to some gamers, who find even regular contact with other players that they don't know to be socially awkward moments in gaming, but thanks to the matchmaking system in Sword Girls, at least the awkwardness will not include getting spanked by a player who is way better than you!

According to the most recent word from developer Changeyou the Matchmaking System in the game is designed to ensure an exciting and evenly-matched fight every time, so that building up the nerve to face a random opponent does not include the pain of being instantly crushed by someone with a Deck far more powerful than yours.

Remember as much action-adventure as this game presents, it is still a card game at its heart, which means that the server does have the ability to arbitrarily determine and assess the base abilities of each player. Every card has a Point rating that rates its power, every deck has a potential effectiveness, and each of the decks that you build has a set total in Deck Points -- using that and some other secret statistical magic, all of this is used to determine who you'll face in combat!

This total awesomeness means that your confidence will build quickly, and hey, that is never a bad thing, right?

At launch, Sword Girls will include two modes allowing players to test their skills against other players: Fight Mode and Practice Mode.

In Fight Mode, you'll be matched against a random but evenly-matched opponent and while these fights may be tougher than the ones you're used to, after every Fight Mode game, you'll receive special Accessories that you can use to craft new cards, and ultimately new decks with strategy adjusted from what you have learned in your experience! No one leaves a fight empty-handed mates -- you receive an accessories reward even when you lose (but the winner will get more), so hey, bonus! Now you have no excuse for not fighting, right?

In Practice Mode you can set up your own matches and fight anyone you like. You can play against your friends, organize your own tournaments, and loads more. Games played in Practice Mode obviously don't count as games played or won, so you can feel free to experiment with bold new strategies without worrying about your statistics getting out of whack...

So no more excuses mates! Challenge your friends in the exclusive Sword Girls closed beta and prove you're the best today!

Just head on over and sign up for a beta key at www.swordgirlsonline.com, and then join the Facebook community at www.facebook.com/swordgirls right? Right!. See you there mates!

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