Three Kingdoms Online New 2.7 Version

Three Kingdoms Online New 2.7 Version

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 16th Sep 2011

Three Kingdoms Online

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A new version (v2.7) for the web-based Facebook game Three Kingdoms Online has been announced, so if you still have time left for gaming during your Facebook sessions at work (grin) why not spend it becoming the consummate warrior?

Among the new features added to the game are:

-- 80% of the troops lost in battle categorized as wounded troops and will be recorded at the Aid Station of that particular city,these wounded soldiers will be calculated by different military branch.

-- To reduce the loss of forces when you're not online, you can deploy troops to the System Virtual City, named as Garrison. You can call back your troops anytime.

-- Multi Server Campaign System will be activated during events only. You can sign up for Multi Server Campaign at 10:00 server time every Monday to Wednesday, and the sign up will be opened again after two week.

The city of player in Multi server Campaign Server comes from their original server. When player signs up, the system will copy all information related with main city. All productions, trading and lost during Multi Server Campaign Server will not give any impact on player's original server.

-- Within the period of”Overlord", the player in original server will get: Recruit speed accelerate 15%.
Resource output increase 15% and can stack with Emperor's order which is only applicable to main city and immune to County Capital, State Capital and Imperial Capital.

-- Bronze & Steel can be forged to Enhanced Steel, Level 1

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