Nyko Xbox 360 Intercooler STS is Chill

Nyko Xbox 360 Intercooler STS is Chill

  • By: Geofry S. Glenn
  • Posted 2nd Sep 2011

Sine Mora

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Nyko's cutting edge TempSmart technology keeps your Xbox 360 Slim console running at optimal temperature conditions with the Intercooler STS -- a brand new design that provides increased air flow away from the 360 which allows the console to perform in a cooler, better ventilated environment -- which is totally ideal for cramped entrainment centers, dorm room desktops, and the bookshelf's we all end up using to hold our systems...

The STS is designed to match the sleek black body of the Xbox Slim, and it looks good! It's main features include:

-- Increased Air Flow: threading throughout the 360 providing an optimal console temperature
-- TempSmart Technology: automatically controls Intercooler operation
-- USB powered: no Mains Adaptors or batteries needed
-- Snap-on Installation: no tools or other modification are required
-- Flexible Deployment: can be used with the Xbox 360 in either vertical or horizontal position

When we were sent to Las Vegas to cover CES this past January we knew that it was now a major event for gamers -- as for the first time in the history of show and after over a decade of requesting it, the video game sector had its own section at the show, but we thought that would simply mean that we would be seeing more game studios displaying at the show.

That was true, there were, but in addition to that it brought a lot of the hardware into one central location, so that booths we might have ordinarily missed at previous shows were right there in front of us! When we saw the Nyko display I remember telling Boots-Faubert "it's about time someone figured out how to do that right!"

The Intercooler STS is now in stock, priced at just £19.95 with next day delivery available and same day dispatch if you order before 6pm. In North America gamers will find the STS priced at an RRP of $19.99 at their preferred console kit retailer, and in Australia the STS is priced at about the same.

Considering that GamingZap has a huge range of Xbox accessories including the best Xbox 360 Stands, Xbox 360 Cables and Xbox Headsets, it really is a one-stop shopping spot for console kit here in the UK -- and they are not paying me to say that.

Have you devised your own system for keeping your console cool? Tell us about it! Please comment below!