Activision Announces 'Zoobles' for Nintendo DS

Activision Announces 'Zoobles' for Nintendo DS

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 28th Jul 2011


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As much as we really hate to say this -- being in the middle of enjoying the Summer and with every bit of our soul avoiding even the mention of, let alone thought about the coming Winter -- whether we like it or not the leaves will turn brown, snow will fall, and the Christmas Holidays will arrive. With any luck the editors at GU will assign us to cover the game beat in Australia in October (hint hint) but probably not.

Still, with Christmas comes the need to give gifts, and any self-respecting gamer will want to give games to everyone on their gift list -- including ankle biters and curtain crawlers -- but hey, no worries, GU has you covered! Obviously you cannot gift your 8 year old nephew with Fallout: New Vegas or Crysis 2, because as much as he wants those games your sister will hurt you if you do -- so it is fortunate that your source for gaming news keeps an eye out for titles that are particularly appropriate for gifting to the little people in your life, and here is some news about one of those!

Activision and Cartoon Network today announced the highly-anticipated interactive game based on Spin Master Ltd.'s Zoobles brand. Available this fall for Nintendo DS, Zoobles will capture young girls' hearts and minds with an incredibly exciting virtual journey through the Zoobles lands.

You read that right -- not only are we telling you about a game you can gift to the little people, but it is ALSO a game that will be well received by the female little people as well!

Zoobles are adorable toy characters that, when placed in their unique 'Happitat', spring from small, colorful spheres into lovable little creatures. In the Zoobles videogame, players are immersed in a whimsical world with 60 Zoobles characters to interact with, and 18 playable Zoobles to choose from.

Young gamers will explore and venture across six magical Zoobles lands; Petagonia, Azoozia, Pinegrove, Chillville, Petalpoint and Jungleopolis. Players will nurture and play with their favorite Zoobles in each world to unlock adorable accessories, new Happitat decorations, and amazing presents from friends!

Zoobles will be available for the Nintendo DS this holiday season and is rated E (for Everyone) by the ESRB, which means you can gift it to your nieces (or nephews really) with zero-chance of your sister going postal on you.

For more information check out -- and tell them Gaming Update sent you. Oh, and if you do decide to gift this let us know by leaving a comment below, will you? Now that we think on that, why don't you let us know what other games for age-ranges you need gifting advice about so we can keep an eye out for that as well?