Mad Catz to Publish Games on Xbox 360

Mad Catz to Publish Games on Xbox 360

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 8th Jul 2011

Sine Mora

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When gaming peripheral company Mad Catz announced that it was launching its own game development studio -- ThunderHawk Studios -- it was one of those moments where our first reaction was "Wwwhhhaaarrr?"

Let's just say that the idea took some getting used to -- and it probably did not help that whenever we think of Mad Catz we think of game controllers, but hey, the idea of a gaming peripheral company branching out into actually making games is really not the big a stretch when you think about how id got started. We're just saying...

Of course the announcement that they were going to make games was followed by the announcement for the games they were going to make -- and the first title was called War Wings: Hell Catz and it is a flight combat game that was developed by Trickstar Games and planned for release next year -- so coolness, and hey, that makes sense considering that they are the go-to guys for flight controllers, right?

According to the press release, Hell Catz will be the first in a series of games "that will explore critical eras in aviation combat." That is very cool -- in fact the only way it would be more cool was if they also published their games for the Xbox. Never happen, right? Actually, um not.

Mad Catz announced today it has entered into a Publisher License Agreement with Microsoft!

The agreement allows Mad Catz to submit games to be published on the Xbox 360 and Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive explained: "The execution of the Xbox 360 Publisher License Agreement marks an important milestone as we pursue our longer term goal of expanding our participation in developing, publishing and distributing games."

Well yeah!

They did not say if Hell Catz would be one of the games that makes it onto the 360 but, considering the serious lack of good flight sim and flying combat games on that platform we really hope so. Gaming Update will keep an eye on developments and bring you the news as it happens!