Realm of the Titans - HaZ'zard Revealed

Realm of the Titans - HaZ'zard Revealed

  • By: Sanzano
  • Posted 21st Jun 2011

Realm of the Titans

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Aeria Games have released details about the hero called HaZ'zard in Realm of the Titans, its latest free-to-play action strategy title. Realm of the Titans is a Defense of the Ancients (DotA) style game and is scheduled to enter Closed Beta this summer.

HaZ'zard packs a heavy punch for a floating torso of fire. Borne from an ancient lava pool and enchanted with form-capturing spells, HaZ'zard's favorite pastimes now include hurling rings of fire and spawning waves of fast-moving flames. His soul burns for vengeance (well, mostly it just burns). Use HaZ'zard as a strong ranged hero on the battlefield in Realm of the Titans, where team strategy is key to capturing your enemy's base first.

HaZ'zard's skills are each linked to a keyboard shortcut, shown in parentheses:

* Lava Spout - (Q)
Places a Lava Spout on the ground. After a short time lava shoots up, stunning and slowing enemies.

* Emperor's Power - (W)
Stuns and damages enemies facing away from you at a range of 1050.

* Ring of Fire - (E)
Summons a shield to protect you. When destroyed, the shield spews fire damaging nearby enemies.

* Thousand Flames
Releases a spreading wave of fire from your location.

HaZ'zard is the seventh hero released since Closed Beta registration began for Realm of the Titans earlier this year. View all of the Hero Showcases and sign up for Closed Beta at the Realm of the Titans' website: .