PAX East Career Fair for Gamers

PAX East Career Fair for Gamers

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 8th Mar 2011

Sine Mora

Also for this game:

I don't know why it surprises me but it does -- among the booths at this year's PAX East there will be several from schools of higher learning. Now, granted, they are schools who happen to feature game development and game-centric career training, but still, setting up at the biggest gaming event on the east coast is just wicked smart!

Becker College is setiing up a booth at the show not only to wave their flag but to showcase their student-produced video game IDA -- Infection Detection Assistant.

Student game developers at Becker College created IDA (Infection Detection Assistant), a series of mini mobile games integrated into the PAX East experience; players solve puzzles in search of a cure for an unknown contagion that has infected the public. IDA is available for free download on iTunes. Those who play IDA and find the cure will be entered to win a different game system each night at Pax: a Wii, a PS3, and an Xbox.

With such a proactive approach for spreading the word about what their school can offer aspiring game developers it should not surprise anyone to learn that the school is at the center of the push to grow the videogame industry in Massachusetts -- in fact last December Mass. Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray announced Becker’s designation as host of the Massachusetts Videogame Institute at a forum on campus, for game company executives, elected officials and colleges.

Becker College offers a bachelor of science in interactive media, with concentrations in computer game design and computer game programming and development. The college is launching certificate programs in 3D game design, game art, and game programming. Check out their site at

Smart as they are someone over there should Google TinyURL - that's all I'm saying...