BurgerTime World Tour



The first BurgerTime was a standup arcade game that was released in 1982 that featured the character of Chef Peter Pepper, who was tasked with dropping the various ingredients for the making of the burgers by navigating through a vertical maze of platforms. If this does not sound like a very likely scenario for a video game, you were not an arcade gamer in the 1980's :) as it was not only a well-received game but also a popular one. So popular in fact that it spawned an entire series of related games, and is considered to be a pop-culture icon for the Breakfast Club generation. Fast-forward to E3 2011 and we find developer and publisher MonkeyPaw Games preparing to unleash the revival of what they term the quintessential American arcade game as a digital arcade download, only this time around it is not recycled content, but a platformer that is developed faithfully to the spiri.. read more