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5th Mar 2012 - The last few weeks have been rather quiet in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. For an MMO that requires continuous improvements and tweaks, this is not exactly a good thing. Though producer Yoshi-P last touted that the next major patch (1.21) would bring the biggest update yet (and also bring it one.. Read More.

17th Feb 2012 - When I first began my Final Fantasy XIV adventure, there were several adjustments that I needed to make, both from a legacy standpoint (my previous history with FFXI) and a technical one (frequent crashes in-game). The latter had kept me from making any significant progress for over a week. Fre.. Read More.

1st Feb 2012 - Follow our weekly series of Final Fantasy XIV Updates brought to you by Jorge S Fernandez. Let's just dispense with the pleasantries and get this out of the open: Final Fantasy XIV is the biggest disaster in the history of the franchise. On paper, it sounded like an appealing idea: release two .. Read More.

28th Dec 2010 - Fans of Square Enix's newest MMO, the spiritual successor to FFXI, Final Fantasy XIV, will be thrilled to discover that the game is in the midst of its first Holiday Celebration -- the Starlight Festival! Gamers with a history with FFXI will instantly recognize the event -- and the gifts that it.. Read More.