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23rd Feb 2012 - Welcome to this edition of The Farmville Discovery, an ongoing series of articles covering events and noteworthy additions to Zynga's social networking based Facebook game Farmville. Today's article is about the new Mastery Sign Billboards recently added to the world of Farmville in a move by the.. Read More.

7th Nov 2011 - Zynga's Flagship Social Networking game Farmville is one of the most popular games on Facebook and has been nearly since it was introduced, so news of the recent series of improvements and game enhancements that have been taking place quietly behind the scenes are a well-received addition to the g.. Read More.

28th Sep 2011 - The recent Lighthouse Cove expansion reveals the revenue stream flowing below the surface of the game, serving as a rude awakening for many players. OP/ED: Farmville Ghettos -- The New Reality of Farmville -- by Heather Savage, GU Staff Writer "A look at the recent content and farm.. Read More.

4th Sep 2011 - Before I do anything else I want to say Hihi to all my Farmville friends and neighbors! If you are surprised to see my name on the by-line for this series join the club -- I was surprised to get the assignment myself considering that the Farmville Guide and other Farmville-related coverage.. Read More.

22nd Feb 2011 - According to the most recent statistics, on an average day between 30 and 50 million people spend time tending to their farm in the Facebook game Farmville -- a web-based game that features about what you would expect from a game that loosely simulates farming. The secret to the incredible succes.. Read More.