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30th Dec 2010 - At least 5 but possibly 8 DLC Expansions Planned Speculation and Rumor run rampant on the subject of DLC for the recently released next entry in the Fallout Series, Fallout: New Vegas. With the retail game now firmly in player hands, attention turns to the upcoming planned DLC, about which v.. Read More.

27th Dec 2010 - In the process of bringing you the news on Gaming Update we wear a lot of hats -- game reviewer, previewer, writer, and analyst to name a few, and our motto -- if we had a motto -- could fairly be stated as: "We Play them All!" As it is the time of year for Top Ten Games Lists, we thought we woul.. Read More.

22nd Nov 2010 - The Friend's List on XBox Live is perhaps one of those convenient aspects to the service that you do not really appreciate until you need it -- for example when a new game is released and you are looking for someone to play it with, the Friend's List is, well... Your Friend! Chances are really.. Read More.