A FashionWare Gamer's Holiday Gift Guide 2011

A FashionWare Gamer's Holiday Gift Guide 2011

  • By: Heather Savage
  • Posted 21st Nov 2011

Extraordinary Gaming Gear

Adding FashionWare to your gaming kit is an obvious direction for the trend to take, especially when the tech-heavy kit not only looks good, but does things for you!

Take the most excellent offering from tech pioneer Vuzix (www.vuzix.com ) -- a company that sports the motto "View the Future."

Famous for the key bit of glasses-based see-through HMD Systems video display that will become part of the US Department of Defense Super Soldier Gear currently being tested at the Natick Soldier RD&E Center near Boston, the company is also developing a consumer line that targets gamers -- and has officially unveiled their Model 1200 and 1200vR video 3D glasses -- a cool-looking set of shades that inject an immersive 3D image right into your eyeballs! Take that, 3DS!

The Wrap 1200VR glasses enable you to view a simulated 75-inch flat screen TV in your glasses, with support for both 3D and 2D (for games that are not 3D-enhanced) via its simulated 16:9 display that feels like you are looking at a very large screen about ten feet away with the glasses resting on your nose. The Model 1200 includes an added set of earbuds to bring video and sound into the personal realm of your brainspace.

These awesome specs feature a single 852 x 480 monitor per eye, and support input resolutions of up to 1280 x 720, and the VR part of the name references the 'Wrap Tracker 6TC' design that includes a compass, enabling head-tracking. While a pair will set you back $600, that is a small price to pay for a piece of kit that makes adding a 360 or PS3 to the passenger compartment of your ride a no-brainer!

Accessories for Girl Gamers

A company called HoMedics (www.homedics.com) has created a line of handbags, messenger bags, sling bags, and day packs that contain removable rechargeable battery packs that connect to a standardized dock with 30-pin Apple connector inside, as well as micro-USB, mini-USB and regular old USB ports attached for charging up just about any gadget including your 3DS or PSP!

Guys may be tough and think nothing of wicked cold days and nights, but Grrl Gamers prefer to have warm hands thank-you-very-much! So how about warm hands AND some iPhone/iPod control that does not require taking off your gloves? If that is your desire, the folks over at Burton (www.burton.com) have you covered -- guys too!

Their 'Mix Master Gloves' (RRP $159.99) are a fashionable piece of FashionWare sporting a waterproof DRYRIDE Insane Membrane, Gnar Guard genuine leather exterior, and quick-drying microfiber lining! They looks and functions like a pair of normal gloves, but what makes them special is the removable, wireless iPod/iPhone remote and toasty heating system that lets you throw your iPod or iPhone in your purse, jacket, or pack pocket, and then control it from anywhere within a 100-foot radius by simply tapping on the glove! You can also remove the remote and use it in your car, at home, or wherever during the seasons when gloves are not a required accessory!