Mamba Nation Battles its way to iOS

Mamba Nation Battles its way to iOS

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 4th Nov 2011

Mamba Battle Nation

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If you are already aware of Mamba Nation, you know that it is more than just a cuter knock-off of Second Life minus the gritty full-frontal nudity and hard core sex that was a a primary attraction for a significant number of the casual players for the latter.

Partly the brainchild of French games entrepreneur and bad boy Nicolas Gaume -- currently CEO of Mimesis Republic and President of the Syndicat National des Jeux Vidéo -- and previously founder and CEO of Kalisto Entertainment, the bankrupted video game company that provided the French press and its people with a very long, very juicy series of scandals -- Mimesis Republic is at the helm of what may well be the next big thing in the avatarization of social networking.

While the introduction of The Sims Social on Facebook has stolen a huge measure of the wind from the sails of Mamba Nation, when it was first introduced to users it was presented as the Zynga-killing immersive 3D experience right in the browser that features a virtual universe for teens and young adults that connects real life and the virtual worlds through social networks. The whole point to Mamba Nation is that anyone can create an avatar and interact with their friends, playing games, watching videos, or simply hanging around in the virtual world there and chatting.

Initially introduced as a limited Beta on Facebook back in 2009 the app was clearly light years ahead of the trend in SN with its avatar-focused format that was -- then and there -- everything that Microsoft wanted its LIVE Avatars to be eventually. Minus the huge following and cutting edge game console of course.

It is not clear what happened but at some point the blokes behind development of Mamba Nation blinked -- and when they opened their eyes they were suddenly in second place and fading fast as Electronic Arts' Monster avatar-based social networking "game" The Sims Social rolled over Mamba Nation like it was a defective speed bump!

What started out as a very promising lead for a new form of social networking expression quickly became an "also-was" almost over night, and the development team behind Mamba Nation found itself feeling wet, sticky, and confused by the mugging it received out of hte blue from EA and its Sims app, and wondering where it should turn to next? The answer appears to be the iPhone and iPad!