Nude Gamers have Nothing Up Their Sleeves as a Hoax Creates a New Gaming Trend

Nude Gamers have Nothing Up Their Sleeves as a Hoax Creates a New Gaming Trend

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 6th Jul 2011

No Clothes? No Problems
In spite of the lack of clothing the gamers here are more interested in the FPS count than the ratio of men to women -- though for the record there it was an average of 2-to-1, and from what I could tell nearly all of the women at the event arrived with their husband or boyfriend, because single women at these events are much less usual than single men according to Bob.

The important thing to remember is that this is not about sex -- it is about gaming naked -- and living a clothing-optional lifestyle, which I have to admit is rather liberating. The room is not full of beautiful people, but the regular sort; normal people is the best way to describe them. Well, normal with the exception that they would rather be naked, but I am starting to understand why.

"I hate swimming suits" Heather L. declares. "I hate sitting around in a wet suit, I hate having to shop for them, and I hate having to wonder if I look OK in mine. So I don't wear one -- problem solved!" she laughs.

Like many of the girls present, she started coming with her boyfriend, and like many she is also a gamer, with her own system. Unlike the men, who except for quick trips to the table to grab food and drinks spend most of the event with their eyes locked onto their displays, fragging each other and scoring points, the fairer sex is making use of the pool and other facilities, taking breaks in their gaming.

"This is an awesome way to spend a Saturday evening," Lynn W. says, smiling. "The LAN parties we used to go to, they were really more of an excuse to game and drink beer -- I like it that there is a no alcohol rule here, and while gaming without clothes took a little getting used to, I like that too!"

According to the host the influx of gamers into the ranks of the club has had an overall positive effect, and though some of the regulars were concerned that the gamers would only come to the gaming-centric events, that has turned out not to be the case. It seems that once you get a gamer comfortable with gaming nude, they want to do other things nude as well, so the non-gaming activities of the group are nearly as well attended as the gaming nights.

"Adding video games to the program was a really good idea," Bob declares. "Gamers are some of the nicest people I know -- as long as you are not on the other team," he laughs.

Attending a Nude Gaming Event
As you can imagine, attending a nude gaming event is not something that you can do every day -- in fact it rather helps if you are already a member of a Naturist Group -- but the good news is that you probably have a choice of groups to join in your area...

To get started on your quest for Nude Gaming visit the website of The Naturist Society -- the national organization for naturists and naturist groups -- where you can find FAQ's and learn about naturism, and order a copy of their most recent magazine -- N -- which includes contact information for naturist groups

The irony of the emerging nude gaming scene is that it was sparked by a mocumentary -- a hoax video that appeared on the web, and later on YouTube, that purported to feature a nude gaming event. Naturist groups in California and New England, unaware that it was hoax created by Thinkmodo co-founder Michael Krivicka, decided to try the activity out for themselves, and it turned out to be a success.

It was never actually intended as a "hoax" according to Krivika's co-founder at Thinkmodo, James Percelay, who told the Daily Mail in an interview after the video began to get wide viewing, "The art form is progressing where people presume now that these videos are hoaxes. We're entering into an understanding that, it's kind of the implicit agreement now where the audience just wants to know how we did it.

"It's almost the way you go to a magic show. You know it's not real, but you still want to sit down and figure out how that guy pulled a car out of his briefcase."