Nude Gamers have Nothing Up Their Sleeves as a Hoax Creates a New Gaming Trend

Nude Gamers have Nothing Up Their Sleeves as a Hoax Creates a New Gaming Trend

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 6th Jul 2011

Like the sign says, you may encounter nude people past this point -- and nude gamers! It turns out that nudism and naturism have always included a large population of gamers in their ranks...

Last weekend we spent an evening at a health club attending an organized private event for gamers. We swam in the indoor pool, baked in one of the three saunas, had our choice of three hot tubs, and a wide variety of free weights, exercise machines of every sort, and a fully-stocked and reasonably priced juice bar if the beverages that were brought as part of the pot luck feast that spread over the two tables in the classroom was not to our liking.

But the event was not about exercise or hanging out in the hot tubs, it was about gaming! Specifically Steam Gaming, which was why almost all of the 50-odd men and women in attendance showed up with a gaming notebook, while a handful of unlucky gamers who did not own notebooks robust enough to handle games had to lug their PC's, monitors and all of the stuff that goes with them -- along with a beach towel or two, which are actually required kit to attend this event.

Yes, there were gamers sitting on beach towels all over the place, and they were gaming... But um, did I mention they were also nude?

Nude Gaming Trends up Among Naturists
"We were looking for a way to increase the number of younger members," explains Bob W., president of the nudist travel club from Connecticut that hosted the event. "In the last decade the average age among naturists has risen to the upper 40's, and among nudists? Much older," he explained.

To the uninitiated that may sound like the same thing -- but it turns out that the words "Naturist" and "Nudist" are not interchangeable -- they each identify similar lifestyles with very different philosophical views.

Generally speaking a Nudist is a person who belongs to a landed nudist club (a club that owns land and facilities) where they go to participate in lifestyle activities where clothing is not permitted, whereas a Naturist is usually a member of a club that does not own land or facilitates, and who eschews the nude-mandatory uniform of organized nudism for a clothing-optional lifestyle that includes nude beaches, nude canoeing (sometimes called 'Canuding'), nude hiking, clothing-optional social events at rented facilities like health clubs -- and now nude gaming!

"You tell a young adult -- someone between the ages of 22 and 30 -- that you are having a clothing-optional swim and dinner at the health club this Saturday, and they may think that is interesting but they are not going to come.

"You tell them that you are having a nude gaming night with swimming and dinner and some Call of Duty battles, they are the first in the door!" Bob says, explaining why once a month their traditional swimming event has turned into a gaming event.

Vollyball (both wet and dry), Tennis, Basketball, Billiards, Cribbage, these are traditional games at Glen Eden Nudist Resort in Corona, Calif. The advent of the 21st Century has slowly changed gaming in the clothing-optional world, with computer and video games growing in popularity.

Looking around the room there is a definite cross-section of ages, but the majority of the people here are all under 30, something Bob says is unusual -- but good. There are a few older gamers, and roughly a third of the people here are not gamers at all, their interest focused upon the pool and the hot tubs, or the exercise machines -- and these I learn are the regulars who were members prior to the introduction of gaming.

"I don't mind the gamers," Ann P. explains. The 44-year-old mother of three keeps an eye on her two kids, aged 9 and 14, who are playing in the shallow end of the pool -- her oldest child didn't come tonight -- having had to chase them away from the gamers in the other room earlier.

"I don't want them disturbing the gamers," she explains. "But I am thinking about getting them a laptop so that they can play games too."