Christmas Update fro Hungry Giraffe Released

Christmas Update fro Hungry Giraffe Released

  • By: Sanzano
  • Posted 14th Dec 2012

Hungry Giraffe

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Laughing Jackal have announced that a major update for Hungry Giraffe on iPhone has been released. Version 1.2 of Hungry Giraffe has more festive features than you could shake a mince pie at, including a new Christmas icon, Christmas lights, festive food and Santa hats. A friend for our giraffe has also been added - the appropriately Christmassy Reindeer skin.

The new update also includes some more features including a total revamp of the Store, improved icons and simplified descriptions for each upgrade. Not only that, but with the forthcoming closure of Openfeint, Laughing Jackal have completely stripped out Openfeint and replaced it with Game Center.

More on Hungry Giraffe:

A 20 foot tall, 1200kg giraffe needs a ton of food each day just to survive. But, oh no! All the tastiest leaves have been eaten, while up in the sky endless streams of snacks, fruit and junk food hover just out of reach!