The Matrix is Dead - Long Live the Matrix!

The Matrix is Dead - Long Live the Matrix!

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 28th Dec 2010

The Matrix Online

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When Sony announced the imminent closing of the Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game The Matrix Online (MXO) they did so in the shadow of E3, when they understood that the daily news cycle was such that very few sites would even carry the word of the collapse of the Matrix with so much else to cover. As a result, players of the game only learned about the closure a few days before official support for the game ended -- though to be fair, SOE was leaving the servers up for another month so that players could say their goodbyes.

Boxed copies of the game can still be found on Amazon dot Com if simply downloading the game client from the private server is not enough to regain that new game tingle you feel when you unbox an MMO!

The Matrix Online was a unique and special place for an MMO, mostly because of what it was not -- it was not filled with horses, dragons, castles, and swords, and instead presented a gritty world that was as close to the movies as you can get and not have an agent at your throat. I am not ashamed to admit that I played -- I was very active in the game for years, because I liked it a lot even if I also played MMO's that had swords and magic in them. The magic in MXO was its character and the recreation of the fantasy in the movies.

The game died in 2009, when SOE pulled the plug on the servers. No server, no game, simple math in the client-server world of modern online gaming.

Last night I jacked in to the Matrix.

There was not much to do, true, but the familiar scene of that interface and the world had my heart in my throat! It was like coming home -- almost. Well, coming home to an empty house, but as the Mass Department of Transportation loves to say: "Rome was not built in a day, if it was we would hire their contractor!"

The Matrix that I logged into is not the one SOE pulled the plug on, though it uses virtually the same client software. No, this one is a player-created private server, and I am not too certain that SOE would approve of it if they knew about it, but the people behind this venture say that they are doing it to keep alive a world that they love -- and hey, I can get behind that 100%!

The client and the server launcher required to jack in can be found on the official project website, over at so if you miss your time in the Matrix, go have a loop. Just remember, the Blue Pill is for suckers!