The Gaming Update GamrCred Beta Key Trivia Quiz

The Gaming Update GamrCred Beta Key Trivia Quiz

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 28th Aug 2012

Have you heard about GamrCred? It is in private Beta at the moment -- but Gaming Update can hook you up with a key to join and begin to establish your own GamrCreds on the service! Read on to learn how you can score your own personal Beta Key -- but be warned, there will be a test at the end of this!

Reputation - Demanding Credit Where Credit is Due

The modern world of video gaming is neatly divided into genres, with most gamers having one or three preferred and favorite genres, while many actually identify with a specific prime genre which they feel represents the sort of gamer that they are -- for example a lot of the gamers who are hardcore fans of the game series Call of Duty consider themselves to be FPS Gamers. Personal identity in the gaming world has become a very important element to participation within it, to the point that most serious gamers select their pseudonym (or 'Nym") that they use to represent themselves across all of the gaming communities -- from Steam to LIVE to PSN and even in the MMO's they play on -- so that it is unique enough to allow them to use the same 'Nym on all of those platforms and in all of those communities.

Not only is proper identity becoming an important element to gamers, they are also concerned with having the proper recognition of their status and prowess as a gamer being properly attributed to them as well -- which neatly explains why services like the new Gamer Reputation site and service GamrCred (www.GamrCred) are being created.

Considering that the GamrCred service was conceived and created specifically with the notion of it becoming a gamer community as well as recognition service, and that the philosophy behind it neatly mirrors the real-world concerns of gamers, we have no doubt that it will not only end up being a very popular destination, community, and service among gamers, but that it will spawn copy-cats as other voices in the gaming world recognize its value, its potential, and their desire to be king of their own communities.

The interesting aspect of the unique approach that the elves over at GamrCred are taking is symmetry and a desire to include the whole enchilada when it comes to the different aspects of prowess, fame, and accomplishment that contribute to the overall reputation that gamers secure for themselves in the gaming community. What that translates to is the evaluation of not just the Xbox and Steam Achievements as well as your PSN Trophies, but also the contributions your personal voice has made with respect to gaming in the blogosphere and on your personal website, and the props that other gamers show towards you when they respect your accomplishments!

The Larger Percentage: Achievements and Trophies

Xbox LIVE: Achievements and Gamerscores have become an integral part of the whole Xbox 360 gaming experience -- in fact some gamers actually choose the games that they play based upon the Achievements that are included with the game -- not the majority thankfully, elsewise the most popular games would be the ones with easy to unlock Achievements, and that is not a message that we want to send to game studios!

Thanks to the framework created by Microsoft, the community of game studios and publishers have taken the whole Achievements scene and turned it into a major element of gaming culture -- and not only have they helped to encourage gamers to pay attention to the finer points of the different challenges that appear in their games, they have rewarded gamer loyalty to game series by interconnecting the different titles -- for example gamers who played Forza Motorsports 3 discovered that as long as they had unlocked some Achievements when they slotted the sequel, Forza Motorsports 4 into their Xbox they were rewarded with some extra goodies, some in-game money, and a special Achievement for having a rare car or two in the process (an Achievement that is a major pain in the ass to obtain in the only alternate way that it can be unlocked, which is to have massive truckloads of in-game money in order to win an auction for a rare car in the Auction House).

The development of the Achievement as a driving force in gaming has lead to the creation of new industry jobs -- there are actually professionals whose job it is to think up intriguing and challenging Achievements for each title! Academics have started to study the impact that the Achievement system has had on gaming culture, and sites like GamrCred have started to integrate the phenomenon into the overall scheme for evaluating gamer reputation.

STEAM: When the PC Digital Distribution platform Steam made the all-important leap to community rather than place you go to buy and download games, it was sort of like the computer in that space movie becoming self-aware. "Dave, you have unlocked a cool Achievement Dave!" Not surprisingly the inclusion of Achievements on the Steam platform is really just an extension of the pre-existing system that was established by Microsoft. For example you will notice that games that have both PC and Console versions will have the same list of Achievements in Steam as they do on Xbox LIVE or PSN, with the same actions required to unlock them.

For the most part this is consistent, but it can also end up being confusing when a publisher decides to release the PC version of a console game as a "Games for Windows LIVE" which means that all of the Achievements in the game will count towards the gamers Xbox LIVE Gamerscore! What happens when Steam gets the digital version? Will there be Steam Achievements AND LIVE Achievements in the same game? That will be interesting to observe.

The PlayStation Network: Choosing to bang a different drum, the gnomes over at PSN chose to go with a Trophy theme rather than a Gamerscore theme, so even though we call theirs "Trophies" they are really Achievements that have different types of Trophy associated with them and, not surprisingly, the requirements and even the names of these special unlocks are identical across the platforms. One thing that PSN has that LIVE and Steam do not is an extra unlockable in each game -- the Platinum Trophy -- which is traditionally awarded for unlocking all of the OTHER Trophies in the game as well as for particularly difficult or meaningful accomplishments.