GamrCred Launches a New Gamer Reputation Aggregation Service

GamrCred Launches a New Gamer Reputation Aggregation Service

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 23rd Aug 2012

While the introduction of Achievements on Microsoft's Xbox game consoles was largely an almost wasn't situation, and nobody at the games giant was aware of or suspected how much of an impact that the minor add-on to the design of the gamertag and game play would have, hindsight being 20/20 we now know that it was a gloriously fortunate event for those devious gnomes in Redmond that they ended up keeping the feature in when they might have thrown it out!

Of course the implementation of the Trophy System over at PSN for the PlayStation 3 was a well-planned and intentional addition to their gaming service and community -- even if it came rather late in the game -- and while it has never quite had the same level of impact as Achievements on the Xbox, perhaps the many broken promises on Sony's part played a role in that? Many a lowly PS3 gamer is still waiting for the day when they will finally get the Trophy cases and Trophy shelves that they were promised for their PSN flats, so that they can display their hard-won proof of gaming prowess.

Perhaps the most interesting event with respect to gamer cred and prowess is the non-event over at Nintendo -- that is to say the absolute silence on the part of that Japanese gaming giant when it comes to gamer Achievements or Trophies. It is not a question of audience or popularity -- the Wii is a popular console and game platform, as is the DS, DSi, 3DS, and every other handheld system that they have created, and the recent success on the part of Nintendo in lobbying support for its new Wii U platform from action-adventure and shooter studios means that the curious silence may soon be coming to an end.

With so many already established Achievement/Trophy themes in the games and genres that will finally be arriving on the Wii platform Nintendo may well have to make a decision one way or the other, because the gamers who are their core are insisting that they do by creating petitions and email campaigns!