The E3 Booth Babes Declare the Platform Standings for 2012

The E3 Booth Babes Declare the Platform Standings for 2012

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 13th Jun 2012

Since the beginning of gaming the perennial question of which gaming system is better has always plagued games journos, and try as we might the true grail -- a way to determine once and for all just where and how they rank -- has not been found... Until now!

In a stroke of genius -- or perhaps just a stroke, as he is still very much under the weather since his return from E3 2012 -- while guzzling free cans of NOS and some rather good Mango Soda samples your Gaming Update reporter came up with the ultimate and fair solution to this conundrum: ask the E3 2012 Booth Babes!

In a completely scientific survey (your reporter does have a graduate degree in engineering after all) the plan was quickly devised and implemented: the GU team would roll up to each booth babe, snap a few pictures, and then get their names and what they considered to be the best gaming platform. After that it was simply a matter of sifting through the pictures for the ones that do not have thumbs or fingers in them and are not too-badly out-of-focus, and then putting the names with the faces (really, all we see in these snaps are their faces!) and then list their votes.

At the end of the piece, we tally them up and declare the winner -- and then the full listed standing. Couldn't be more simple or elegant, and we are amazed that nobody thought of this before!

Age of Wushu

(L) Melissa -- PC / (R) Kim -- Wii


(L) Betsy -- PC / (R) Sorayah -- PC


(L) Molly -- PS3 / (R) Tara -- PS3

Conde Nast

(L) Allison -- Xbox 360 + Kinect / (R) Melanie -- iPhone

Crave Island (#craveisland)

(From left-to-right) Chelsey -- Xbox 360 / Nicole -- Xbox 360 / Kristen -- PS3 / Liliana -- PC

Dead or Alive 5 / Techmo

(L) Mai -- Xbox 360 / (R) Kali -- Xbox 360

Dragon Ark

Natasha (in garb as the character Noah) -- Nintendo GameCube

Ford Focus ST

Jenna -- Wii

Gree / Wacky Motors

(L) Shannon -- Xbox 360 / (R) Lauren -- Xbox 360


(L) Callie -- SNES / (R) Mika -- PS3


Tina -- Nintendo 64


Lindsay -- Xbox 360

Star Trek the Game

(L) Elizabeth -- PS3 / (M) Tara -- Xbox 360 / (R) Sabrina -- SNES

Street Fighter

Elaine -- PC


Elizabeth -- Wii

Vivi Touch

Briana -- Nintendo 64 / World of Tanks

(L) Lauren -- PS3 / (R) Jen -- PS3


Abby -- PC


Nikki -- Xbox 360

And the tally is in -- the Booth Babes of E3 2012 have decided -- and as gaming gentleman we must acknowledge the results:

First Place: Xbox 360 (10 Votes)
Second Place: PlayStation 3 (7 Votes)
Third Place: PC (6 Votes)
Fourth Place: Wii (3 Votes)
Fifth Place: SNES (Tie 2 Votes)
Fifth Place: Nintendo 64 (Tie 2 Votes)
Sixth Place: iPhone (Tie 1 Vote)
Sixth Place: Nintendo GameCube (Tie 1 Vote)

Right then, it may not be completely scientific but the results neatly match other surveys, which just goes to show that Booth Babes are exceptionally good at statistics...