The GU iOS Game of the Week -- Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort

The GU iOS Game of the Week -- Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 6th Apr 2012

Virtual City 2

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In the city simulation game genre we have gotten used to game play that has us placing roads and power poles, building power plants, hospitals, schools, and the rest of the infrastructure that a city must have to expand, and spending the bulk of our game play time trying to keep the population happy and growing. Virtual City 2 is not that game!

Based upon a holiday theme, VC2 follows a similar course to the first game in the series, challenging the player to get shipping routes properly and logically flowing, allowing the local businesses to enjoy an economic boom, and along the way, keep a sharp eye upon the laws of supply and demand -- and yes, the ultimate goal is still to keep the citizens (and the tourists) happy, so while it does retain the classic elements of the City Simulation Genre, it does so with its own unique approach that keeps the gamer thinking strategically.

Featuring 50 missions of 18 types that are spread out over five locations, the player is not simply doing the same things over and over, and while there are clearly obvious tactics and strategies that can be used to fulfill the requirements for each mission, there is also a bit of leeway allowing the player to choose their own best solution to the challenge, and that is always a nice touch in time management and simulation games.

A Little Hand's On Gaming

The first impression that players get of the game is delivered through the tutorial that takes up the bulk of the first few missions -- a tutorial that was carefully constructed to serve both younger gamers as well as older and more experienced gamers, focusing upon the tap-based game controls and the logistics of game function -- which generally entails buying a truck or other vehicle and then assigning it a route between two or more destinations.

In the case of commercial ventures that can be as simple as dispatching your truck to pick up grain and take it to the processing plant where it is turned into flour -- which is picked up by another of your trucks and taken to the bakery where it is turned into cakes -- which are then picked up by yet another truck and taken to the store that needs them as part of their stock to sell to residents and tourists! Building these routes and fulfilling these needs leads to happiness -- and happiness can never be underrated.

Game play is not simply about building new businesses and then providing the transportation infrastructure that they require -- it is also about building the right businesses that will best serve the specific community and provide the boost the local economy needs. Whether that means building a Hotel, or properly plotting public transportation, in the end it all leads towards one goal: performing your job as the city manager to the best of your abilities.

In games like this there is always the risk that game play will grow boring and monotonous -- thankfully those are not a consideration here because this is one of the games you will put on your iOS device that you play in short game play sessions and, because of that, it very nicely retains both its freshness and its fun-factor.

We give Virtual City 2 a rousing Two Thumbs Up -- with the comment that we never realized how complicated it is to get that cake to appear on a store shelf before we played this game.

Your Virtual City 2 game play experience awaits you at the App Store -- where you can get it for free (unlocking the full version is just $4.99) -- and for Android gamers they can get their Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort fix over at Google Play!