The Top Ten Most Challenging Xbox 360 Achievements of All Time (So Far)

The Top Ten Most Challenging Xbox 360 Achievements of All Time (So Far)

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 4th Apr 2012

Būláto -- 03: Grand Theft Auto IV "Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic" (30 G)
Required Actions: Win all ranked multi-player variations, all races and "Cops 'n Crooks" as both sides.

Achievements that force you to have to react to and beat other gamers in order to unlock it number among the toughest types in gaming -- and developers know this -- so when you encounter Achievements like this one in a game it is not there by accident. Rockstar Games acknowledges on its official site that this Achievement in particular is "still to this day one of the most difficult and most requested game tips in all of Grand Theft Auto IV."

When you crunch the numbers it turns out that an average of only 1% of the gamers who play the game have managed to unlock this Achievement -- mostly due to its being a tough one that requires exacting strategy and specific actions. A typical reaction to Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic on the official Rockstar site?

"It's unbelievable that Rockstar would make a trophy this hard and it's atrocious that despite many complaints Rockstar choose to do nothing, the information they have released does nothing, and we have to just hope that the trophy will unlock!" writes jaky2008. "I'm on my 3rd run through for this pathetic trophy and it's horrifying to even go through it once. "