The Top Ten Most Challenging Xbox 360 Achievements of All Time (So Far)

The Top Ten Most Challenging Xbox 360 Achievements of All Time (So Far)

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 4th Apr 2012

One -- 01: Asteroids/ Asteroids Deluxe "Platinum" (20 G)
Required Action: Score 250,000 points Asteroids Deluxe -- Normal Difficulty.

Right, this is an Arcade game -- specifically an Xbox LIVE Arcade title -- so you might be thinking, Hey! That is not right! The rest of the games in the list are Retail Titles! And yes, that is true, but the thing is strictly speaking this one the toughest for a reason...

The Xbox LIVE Arcade title Asteroids/ Asteroids Deluxe was released in November 2007 and, to put this in perspective for you only *5* gamers on the website, a site that not only tracks Achievement unlocks but assigns them weighted values based upon their difficulty, have this unlocked -- while 697 gamers whose Achievements are being tracked by the site actually own the game, and of those 450 have unlocked the Mayhem Achievement in Asteroids / Asteroids Deluxe, which is food for thought.

Why is it the toughest Achievement? Well considering that the game is only 400 Microsoft Points (roughly $5) why don't you go get a copy and see if you can unlock it? We couldn't.

The End?

And there you have it -- the Top Ten Toughest Xbox 360 Achievements (so far) -- but don't think that taking out the ones on this list will elevate you from Achievement Padwan to Jedi Master, because right now, as you read this, in industrial pockets all over the world, there are game developers thinking of new and tougher Achievements -- those bastards!