The Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes

The Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 27th Mar 2012

Number 03

03 -- Heavy Rain -- 2010 Quantic Dream / Sony Computer Entertainment
The Interactive nature of the sex scene from Heavy Rain in which in addition to the passionate kissing and heavy breathing, gamers were given a QTE of button presses and controller motions in order to undress their partner -- a frequently commented element to the process that it appears had a lot to do with this video game sex scene making the Number 03 spot...

The closer we get to the top of the Top Ten the more the quality shifts from simply shocking towards sex scenes that are within the context of the story being told, and as we head into the top three the scenes are more -- much more -- than what came before in the list. But then Heavy Rain is itself much more than the average game play experience, having been variously declared the future of the genre and an instant classic, with its game play blurring the lines between movie and game to the point that sometimes you ended up wondering which that it was?

When Heavy Rain came in at the Number 3 spot it was not a surprise -- it is very obvious that the sex scene embedded above is neither gratuitous nor inappropriate, and that it actually served an important function in the telling of the story that is still unfolding, with the protagonist seeking -- and finding -- human comfort in the arms of another, even as he wonders at the stability of his own sanity.

The point behind the Top Ten List of Video Game Sex Scenes is not how they compare to each other, but rather how high that each one rates in the minds of the gamers who voted for them, and it is not really all that surprising that there was a mixture of types, and that the sex scenes that were an integral part of the story being told ended up at the top of the list.

The fact is that this scene in Heavy Rain was both tastefully and professionally created and that it represents a closer view of what realistically might have happened between these two characters -- with a healthy dose of emotions mixed in -- than it does the usual justification for sex scenes in games, which usually has more in common with enthusiastic exercise than love and emotion.

When Heavy Rain was released it is likely that the studio had some inkling that there might be a bit of initial controversy -- so the Quantic Dream boss, David Cage, got right in front of the issue in order to take control of and own it rather than allowing it to end up owning the studio, explaining in an exclusive interview with PSM3 Magazine that the scenes were about "real characters doing what adults do when they fall in love."