The Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes

The Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 27th Mar 2012

Number 05

05 -- God of War II -- 2007 Sony Computer Entertainment / Sony Computer Entertainment
The Kratos sex scene in God of War II is perhaps one of the more memorable events in the game, largely due to the use of the cherub as the symbolism for um, you know... As the scene begins your hero approaches the bathing pool in which he encounters two bathing beauties and as he approaches them this triggers a QTE in which the player must manipulate the controls in order to... Control he flow-patterns of the water fountain -- yeah, that's it.

The use of the Cherub fountain as a symbol is largely given as the reason why this particular sex scene sticks in the minds of gamers -- the humor not being lost on them...