The Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes

The Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 27th Mar 2012

Number 06

06 -- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas -- 2004 Rockstar Games / Rockstar Games
WARNING: SERIOUSLY NSFW -- The revelation that there was a pornographic sex scene included in every copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas caused TV News Reporters to go into fits of righteous anger as they "outed" the news to their market audience, warning that the content should have caused the game to receive a X-Rating -- and causing mainstream game retailers to pull it from the shelves.

Called "The Hot Coffee Mod" after the phrase that is spoken by the girlfriend of the protagonist and main character -- Carl "CJ" Johnson -- who is a typical video game stereotype meant to represent the average young adult gang-banger from Compton. After taking her on a date and then driving her home, Carl's girlfriend asks him if he wants to come inside for some coffee, and when he agrees to this it triggers the mini-game, which consists of a raunchy set of sex scenes during which the player must use the gamepad controls to change position and move in such a way so as to increase the pleasure meter -- and when they fill it completely the two characters finish the act... And luckily no music plays afterwards, so either Carl got lucky or they were practicing safe sex...

The code for the mini-game was never actually included as a part of the live game code in the completed game, and was thought to have been either fully disabled or removed from the game, or at the least not accessible to gamers. That is until a gamer using the Windows PC version of the San Andreas cracked into it and created a mod that accessed the mini-game.

Once news of this spread online -- first by gaming news and fan sites and later picked up by the traditional news media where it received wide and in-depth coverage. That was when lawmakers latched onto it as a rally-point in what was already a well-established campaign against video game violence in general, and adult content in games played by teenagers in particular, providing them the ammunition that they needed to launch a series of broadside attacks against first developer and publisher Rockstar Games, and then parent company Take-Two Interactive once it was realized that, far from being a "joke" or a bit of unauthorized code created by rogue elements of the dev team, the "Hot Coffee" mini-game was originally planned to be included as part of the game, and was only removed late in the development process after it became clear that its inclusion would bar the game's release Australia, while forcing it to be rated as an adults-only game pretty much everywhere else.

The irony was that the mini-game was the video game equivalent to the Paris Hilton sex tape in that while almost every gamer had heard about it, fewer than 1-in-10 gamers had actually seen it.

That all changed when a gamer fluent in programming with the Action Replay game save editing device used by console games to edit game saves figured out how to enable the mini-game on game consoles, which allowed a much larger potential audience of curious gamers to enable and play the mini-game. Once that happened the genie truly was out of her bottle -- and it was not long before Florida's favorite video games watchdog, ex-attorney Jack Thompson focused upon the issue. Joined by former First Lady and then U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, and a long line of other politicians who refocused both their anger and their efforts, set out to punish the ESRB, who they blamed for "dropping the ball" on the rating that was assigned to the game.

Partly in reaction to the Hot Coffee Mod, in December of 2005 Senators Hillary Clinton (D - NY), Joe Lieberman (D - CT), and Evan Bayh (D -IL) introduced the "Family Entertainment Protection Act," which called for a federally mandated enforcement of the ESRB's rating system, justifying the criminalization of what was up until that point considered to be a "voluntary" rating system, in order -- they said -- to protect children from inappropriate content in video games.