The Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes

The Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 27th Mar 2012

Number 07

07 --Dragon Age: Origins -- 2009 BioWare / Electronic Arts
Leliana and the female player's lesbian sex scene was not the sex scene in the game that raised the hackles of conservatives and caused Dragon Age: Origins to be labeled "a pit of homosexual love" -- rather it was the man-on-man scene with Alistair that really got the right in a tizzy... Gay and lesbian gamers declared the sex scenes were handled with respect and realistic feelings and widely considered it to be a sensitive and touching treatment of the subject.

There is an interesting dichotomy present in the question of same-sex partners, and it seems that when the issue is a lesbian sex scene in a video game there is a great deal less attention paid to it and a great deal less controversy over it -- but when the same sex scene is between two men? Well then Katy bar the door, Houston we have a problem!

Zevran Arainai -- the character that the Grey Warden protagonist character (the player-character) has a relationship with is something of a mixed bag of emotions in that he comes from a disadvantaged childhood that may well explain his tendency to live under a policy of immediate gratification.

The orphaned son of a Dalish elf who fell in love with an elven wood cutter and left her clan to follow him to Antiva City, where her lover unexpectedly died, leaving her to pay off his debts by working in the only profession that was available to her -- prostitution -- which she did until she became pregnant, then ended up dying in childbirth, which set up the circumstances of his childhood.

That is how Zevran grew up not knowing either of his parents, having been raised by friends of his mother who are themselves prostitutes. At the age of seven Zevran was sold to an elite guild of assassins called the Crows of Antiva, an organization whose training efforts he at first tried to resist, but eventually embraced, and excelled at his new position as an apprentice assassin, mastering the arts and skills until he became one of the Crows' most promising assassins.

Now you know his background and story -- and if you watch the video embedded above you will probably realize that at least part of the reason behind its popularity is that Zevran sounds a lot like Antonio Banderas, and his over-the-top dead-sexy voice along with his coy charm and the wit and innuendo of his teasing makes this more than simply a same-sex sex scene between two male characters, it makes it an amusing cat-and-mouse chase of a same-sex sex scene between two male characters and that, as they say, appears to make all the difference in the world.

The act of intimacy depicted in the video embedded above caused quite a furor when the game was first released, enough controversy in fact that the New York Times published an article about the controversy that was focused over it -- with a spokesperson from BioWare pointing out that the game contents were not intended to be controversial or to focus attention on one type of relationship over another, it was created to provide an immersive gaming experience that allows gamers to make the choices that feel right to them.

You cannot say it any fairer than that -- and perhaps it is partly the controversy that caused this video game sex scene to be voted into the Top Ten list... Who can say?