EA Planning to Shut Down More Online Game Servers in April

EA Planning to Shut Down More Online Game Servers in April

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 25th Mar 2012

EA Sports MMA

Considering that MMA was a heavily-hyped and much celebrated title for EA Sports, despite the controversy that cropped up when UFC president Dana White declared himself "at war" with EA over the development of the EA Sports MMA, issuing a warning to MMA fighters who were considering licensing their images to EA for the then upcoming EA Sports MMA game release, saying "If you do business with EA, you won't be in the UFC."

Initial reviews following the game's release were positive, with Metacritic giving the Xbox 360 version a score of 79% while Game Rankings gave the Xbox360 version a score of 80.5% -- which by any standards you care to use translates into a successful game. The fact that its online side is being axed less than two years after its release likely will not bolster the confidence of gamers when it comes time to purchase the sequel that is supposed to be in the works...

Then there is the consideration that one of the main features of the game that was a particular focus for its promotion, the "Live Broadcasts" that are viewed via the online server and allowed gamers to upload hype videos to increase their popularity and help increase the odds that they would be selected by EA Sports to be scheduled to fight (just like they do it in real life MMA matches) will now be history.

The best advice we can give? Get as much online play time in as you can between now and April 13th.

Set for Closure on 13 April 2012

The following game servers at EA are set to shut down on 13 April 2012, which means that gamers still have time to unlock the online Achievements and Trophies listed with each title before they will never be able to do so again -- sigh.

-- Burnout Revenge (Xbox 360)
These online Achievements represent 13 of 36 Achievements worth a total of 300 G of the possible 1000G for this game.

50 To Won! (25 G) Snagged by winning 50 races online!
Celebrity Status! (65 G) Bagged by getting a Clip in the Top 20 Downloads!
Check it Out! (10 G) Awarded for sharing up a Burnout Clip!
Crash Addict! (20 G) Picked up for winning 40 crash events online!
Grudge O'War! (40 G) Grabbed for settling the Score over 100 times with the same rival!
Laying The Takedowns! (20 G) Bagged for getting 50 Takedowns online!
Most Wanted! (55 G) Awarded for getting ahead of all 5 rivals in an online lobby!
Opening a Can! (15 G) Awarded for getting 5 in a row on one Revenge Rival!
Run Burner, Run! (20 G) Picked up for winning 30 times for the Blue Team in online Road Rage!
Server Surfer! (5 G) Awarded for competing in a Burnout Revenge event online!
Settle with Metal! (10 G) Awarded for settling a score online!
Start Something Ugly! (5 G) Scored for taking someone down online!
Your Opinion Counts! (10 G) Earned by spreading the word and recommending a Burnout Clip!

-- EA Create (PS3 / Xbox 360)
These online Achievements represent 14 of 49 Achievements worth a total of 225 G of the possible 1000G for this game.

Challenge King (25 G) Solve 10 player generated Challenges
Challenge Wizard (40 G) Solve 20 player generated Challenges
Challenger (15 G) Solve a player generated Challenge
Creation Craver (10 G) Download another user's Creation
Fave Rave (25 G) Mark the content of 10 different online users as a favorite
First Rate (10 G) Rate the Creation of another online user
Give Something Back (10 G) Upload a Creation
Pick a Pick (10 G) Download an EA Pick
Pick of the Bunch (10 G) Mark an EA Pick as one of your favorites
Radical Remix (15 G) Remix and save a downloaded Creation
Rise to the Challenge (15 G) Submit an entry to a Community Challenge
Share and Share Alike (15 G) Upload a remixed Creation
Solution Sharer (15 G) Upload a Solution
Top Marks (10 G) Mark another user's content as one of your favorites