Sources Confirm Next Gen Console Launch Order but not Reveal

Sources Confirm Next Gen Console Launch Order but not Reveal

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 30th Jan 2012

It has been a difficult year for reading the future for games journos as conflicting information has been released both officially and unofficially by the Big 3, and all that we can say for certain is that the launch order for the next generation of gaming console will very likely proceed as Wii U followed by the next Xbox, and then the PS4.

in a recent interview in French magazine Le Point, Microsoft's marketing manager for its operations in France confirmed that Microsoft has no plans to compete with Nintendo and the Wii U this holiday season, while Sony's Europe executive Phillipe Cardon said he expects the company to be the last to announce its next-gen console.

The language that was used however can be interpreted differently in that it suggests that Microsoft, while not planning to release its next gen console in 2012, may still be planning to announce it, while Sony has no plans at all to announce its PS4, but that is expected and has more to do with a combination of the marketing side and support of third-party developers.

There is still considerable confidence that Microsoft may announce the next Xbox at this year's E3, but Sony will certainly be silent about its next gen console, as it is busily shoring up its relationships with the game studios that are set to support the PS3 with continued releases through 2013. Microsoft on the other hand has no reason to try to compete with Nintendo, especially considering the fact that the Japanese gaming giant is posed to dominate the next holiday cycle with the release of its Wii U console and video controllers.

While Microsoft will be waiting to see what develops with the Wii U and its sales this holiday, the idea that the current generation of gaming consoles is somehow close to end-of-life has been proven a non-issue by a number of popular titles that have made good use of the existing hardware to present current and desirable gaming experiences. Most recently Assassin's Creed" Revelations and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary demonstrate that the Xbox 360 still has power under its covers to be exploited, and the same can be said for the PS3.