Christmas Around the Virtual Worlds

Christmas Around the Virtual Worlds

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 23rd Dec 2011

Regnum Online

--== Karma Online ==--

Joymax announced today a slew of holiday events for their popular World War II game with a zombie twist, Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead. D eveloped by Dragonfly, the creators behind Quake Wars Online and Soldier of Fortune Online, players will be given the chance to sign up for the brand new Clan Champions League, while enjoying a variety of special Christmas time bonuses!

--== League of Legends ==--

League of Legends developers, Riot Games, have announced that the Snowdown Showdown has started and will run through until January.

During the event players will be able to purchase holiday exclusive skins for Maokai, Heimerdinger, LeBlanc and Gangplank, all decorated with a festive design. In addition to the limited edition skins, players can also save some IP by purchasing the various holiday runes that are now available.

The traditional map makeover has also been released, decorating Summoner’s Rift with snow and other festive objects, as well as giving the minions holiday hats. League of Legends is one of the most popular free to play titles on the market at the moment and the popularity seems set to continue to increase into 2012.

--== Maple Story ==--

Christmas Carnival - Christmas Tree Collecting Match. They will give away the big game prizes according the toplist of the Christmas Tree at the end of our event. The more Christmas Trees you got, the more chances for you to get a prize!

Top 20 players: Each will win an Angelic Blessing Recipe
Top 21- 40: Each will win a Starry Starry Ring

--== Naviage ==--

Login Gift Box on Christmas
Event Time: From 0:00 Dec. 25th to 23:59 Dec. 25th
Event Server: All Servers
Event Description: During the event period, players can draw a free Christmas Login Gift Box on ingame "Doings" page, which contains the following items: Construct Drawing*1, Research Blueprint*1, Blessed Books of Sanctuary*1, Smelting Gem*5, Secret Stamina Potion*2, Wisdom Potion*1, Learning Potion*1, and Potency Potion*1

--== Pet Forest ==--

Pet Forest has launched a special in-game event for this holiday season. The event is titled as "A Dark Christmas Eve" and based on a scenario that is different from traditional stories. What would you act when Santa Claus become nasty and bad? The spirit of Christmas can be experienced in a new way. Players can also enjoy a social community event by posting fan art of Christmas tree to Pet Forest's Facebook Page.

Dark Santa leads the army of nutcrackers to stop Santa Claus from delivering gifts to children. "It's more than solving endless quests like general ways of how a holiday event runs," said the producer of Pet Forest, Derek Smith. "We hope to provide a chance for our players to think about the true meaning of the Christmas season." In the new dungeon, Fortress of Dark Santa, everything goes dark even though the nutcracker soldiers move slowly and stiffly. The challenge of this event is to collect different colors of gift socks and redeem them for exclusive prizes including unique pets, rare mounts and new avatars. This holiday event continues from now through New Years.