Christmas Around the Virtual Worlds

Christmas Around the Virtual Worlds

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 23rd Dec 2011

Regnum Online

Every year as Christmas rolls around no matter where you live in the world there is something going on and some sort of official and unofficial recognition, whether that is just decorations or organized celebrations, there is always something -- and increasingly the festive holiday cheer has been spreading like a virus from real life into the worlds of our virtual life. Christmas 2011 is no exception to that trend, and since the big day is literally only a few days away, we thought we would take a look at what is happening virtually, just in case you have not kept in the loop -- because at Gaming Update we know that missing out on an awesome holiday activity or quest is a total bummer!

The festive nature of the holiday means we can count on certain things to happen -- from Christmas Quests to The Guild issuing a Christmas Video (see above) it is nice to know you can count on the holiday to deliver! Here is a selection of the events in a virtual world near you! If we did not list your preferred virtual world that does not mean that there is no event -- so log in today and see what is shaking for the Holiday!

--== Castle Empire ==--

The Castle Empire team has sent word that holiday-themed events have officially arrived for all players. Included in the holiday frivolity is a Christmas tree-shaped map for players to adventure through.

--== Combat Arms ==--

All players who log in between 18:00 and 20:00 hrs on Dec 23rd to 25th or Dec 30th to Jan 1st will receive a 200% EXP boost. Not only that, but for those who are logged in for 19:00 to 19:10 hrs on the 24th to 31st December, there will be a chance to get your hands on the ultimate Xmas items.

--== Conquer Online ==--

The Christmas Envoy is so busy preparing for Christmas! If you agree to help her and accept her tasks, you will get a Christmas Purse and 10 Coins as a reward! Find the Christmas Envoy (Twin City, 446,372), and you will be able to get use your Xmas Coins to trade for great prizes!

To prepare for Christmas' arrival, the Twin City Gardener (Twin City, 450 364) needs your help with planting all of the Christmas Trees, using Dew, Fertilizer and Pesticide. During the event, all monsters in the Conquer world will drop these items when killed. Just hand in the needed materials to the Gardener, and you'll earn some Coins for your hard work!

Talk to Santa Claus and accept the quest. Find his Missing Gift (Central Plain, 651 685) and pick it up. Return the Missing Gift to Santa Claus, and he will reward you with 10 Christmas Coins! Continue to search through the land for the rest of the special Holiday Quests!