About Gaming Update

GamingUpdate.com (GU) started it's life back in 1998 as a video game related message board, only recently in 2010 did it change into a video games news blog and now in July 2011 something resembling a more 'full service' video games website.

GU is maintained daily by it's small but enthusiastic team of writers and content adders bringing you up to date video games news daily as well as interesting and probing articles, hands-on previews, news from top shows such as E3, screenshots and videos.

Chris Boots-Faubert is our lead journalist who works also in traditional media publications and has many years experience in voicing his opinion on games and delivering breaking video game news. He's backed up by Sanzano and Rich who also cover daily news and add all the screenshots and videos you find on GU. And of course the site wouldn't be complete without Mark, our tech guru who makes sure things are working fine and the website is doing what it's meant to do.

Over the years we've had many great members and contribitors to GU, too many to individually mention, but Chris G does deserve an exceptionally big shout out for his help with the site for so many years when it was a forum.

So there you have it... A brief history of GU, where we've been and where we're at now.